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What do we do?

Rauma Cata Oy provides towage services in ports, at sea and on special contracts in Finnish coastal regions, the Baltic Sea and the whole of Europe. The Company boasts a fleet of eight tugboats and barge, complemented by wide contacts with other Finnish and international towage companies. 

Project shipments are performed with our deck cargo vessel and barge.

Who do we do it for?

Rauma Cata’s extensive experience in providing tailored services adapted to the needs of our customers is based on numerous executed contracts. We work in close cooperation with shipbuilding industries, dredging companies and port operators. We maintain our fleet in up-to-date condition and only employ experienced and qualified professionals.

Why do we do it?

Our goal is to provide customer-driven towage services in as strict compliance with the diverse requirements of the modern society as possible. To this effect, we maintain close contacts with various partners to fuse international expertise with Finnish competence.

Our fleet

Our services

Rauma Cata provides towage, icebreaking and fairway services for the maritime sector, as well as special services for marine rescue and offshore construction activities. We also cater project transport services.

Rauma Cata’s commitment to high quality is reflected in all our operations. Our objective is to provide quality services at competitive prices. We stand behind everything we do and our philosophy over the years has been to give our very best to our customers.


Rauma Cata provides offshore towage services primarily in the Baltic Sea. Our upgraded fleet combined with years of experience produces a reliable service. Our fleet makes it possible for us to offer general towage charters, shipments of industrial components, vessel towage and assistance as well as other sea transport services. With Rauma Cata’s fleet, various towage and shipment solutions can be executed based on customer-specific needs.

Marine Rescue

Although the introduction of advanced technology has reduced the number of grounding accidents every year, accidents still happen at sea. In 2004, there were a total of 44 marine accidents (due to e.g. grounding, collisions and technical faults) in the Finnish territorial waters alone.

Our fleet makes it possible for Rauma Cata to take part in marine rescue missions. We are on standby 24/7, and as far as possible always select the closest and best suited vessel for each mission. All our vessels have the capability to participate in rescue missions.

Project transport and Offshore Construction

Rauma Cata is involved in several project transports and water construction projects. We can handle transports of large items such as cranes and wind mills componenets. Barge transport of dredging waste, equipment transfers and many other assisting functions for water construction.

Ice Breaking

Finland is a country where ports and the fairways leading to the ports are closed by ice every year. The extent of the ice cover and the icing conditions vary from one year to the other, but our economic life depends on regular and secure shipments, also during the winter. Shipping traffic has increased by ca. 80% in 20 years, and we have seen an almost as high increase in winter shipments. Icebreaking in its present form was started on the Finnish coast already in 1890.

Rauma Cata’s icebreaking fleet consists of five icebreakers. The icebreakers assist merchant vessels in a variety of ways, by opening fairways, towing vessels and freeing vessels trapped in ice, and securing the safety of winter shipping in other ways. We assist vessels in offshore areas depending on the ice conditions. Our main duty is to ensure the safe passage of the vessels we assist.

We ensure uninterrupted winter shipping even in severe ice conditions.


We provide experienced and professional staff, also for urgent needs, particularly to dredging and water construction sites as well as to various types of vessels.
Our goal is to find the customer staff on a permanent or temporary basis for different types of circumstances, quickly and flexibly. Through us, customers can find employees for six months or just two days.
Our office will take care of all the required paperwork, employer payments and other obligations, such as notifications to the Seamen’s Register regarding the employment contract. All the risks of the employment relationship are covered by Rauma Cata. The customer is only responsible for work supervision and control of the standard of work.
We can also handle the entire crew management process for vessels.


Rauma Cata Oy provides towage services in ports, at sea and on special contracts in Finnish coastal regions, the Baltic Sea and the whole of Europe. The Company boasts a fleet of ten tugboats and two barges, complemented by wide contacts with other Finnish and international towage companies. Project shipments are performed with our deck cargo vessel.


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